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We offer a wide range of products to compliment the knowledge you already have.

Postnatal Survival Consult


Postnatal Survival Consult


We want to help you survive those early days of parenting without even having to leave your home, our consult is ideal to book prior to your baby been born, because it is highly educational it can help manage expectations and get you off on the best foot! You will receive our Postpartum Survival e-book! Our philosophy is to help create Loving, Intuitive, Fearless, Experts (LIFE) of your baby. We will help you:

  • Understand the 4th trimester
  • Normal newborn appearance and behaviour
  • Feeding your baby with love and without judgement
  • How to comfort your baby
  • Perineal healing tips
  • Baby proofing your relationships

Book this 2 hour consultation, which can be split in to two one-hour sessions (one pre-baby and one post-baby, or both post-baby) to help answer all your nitty-gritty questions about anything and everything that can come up in those first few tender weeks after birth.

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