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Inspired childbirth education for wholehearted beginnings. You will delight in a six week movement based, research informed childbirth preparation class. Unlike other childbirth classes, this series capitalizes on muscle memory and physical support strategies. Our facilitators incorporate relevant movement into each class as we move from early labour to holding your newborn in your arms. Our approach will unpack all of the options available to you during labour including the options of using medical supports in awareness. You can find our classes at Toronto Yoga Mamas.

Class Two: Active Labour

Class One: Early Labour

Discover how to move through physical discomfort, and cope with various distractions during active labour.  Learn when to contact your birth team (i.e. doula, midwife, or triage) and the optimal time to move to your birth location if birthing at the hospital or birth centre.

In this first class, we will set the groundwork in building your confidence and understanding the unique and sometimes subtle signs of early labour. We will explore both the physical and emotional changes and how to take advantage of the comfort of your own home before moving to your birth location.

Class Four: Honouring Transition

Class Three: Medical Support in Awareness

Celebrate the transition into parenthood. This week is exclusively for our pregnant people as we unite to honour and celebrate birth as a rite of passage.

Educate yourself on the medical support options available to you. From induction to epidurals, this week teaches members dynamic coping strategies for compassionately choosing medical supports. Take home helpful tools and tips on how to support your partner if they incorporate medical supports into their labour.

Class Six: The Unexpected in Awareness

Class Five: Pelvic Floor + Pushing

Prepare yourself for unexpected outcomes. This session explores the ins and outs of caesarean delivery and interventions with trauma sensitive training. You will learn how you can incorporate medical supports mindfully and without judgement.

Understand functions, restrictions and overall health of your pelvic floor. Learn a variety of techniques for pushing while optimizing pelvic floor integrity, with a strong focus on healing and recovering function. We tell you the stuff* no one else does.