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Education grounded in movement and informed by research. Offering inspiration for wholehearted beginnings.



Whole Birth Approach is dedicated to providing comprehensive, movement based programs from preconception to life with baby and everything in between. Currently offering classes in Toronto, 1-ON-1 online consultations and keep your eye out for the launch of our full service online programs.

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We offer preconception and prenatal classes that provide a holistic approach to modern birth practices.

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We offer personalized 1-on-1 consults for wholehearted beginnings. Available to you online with video chat, whenever, wherever!

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We offer a wide range of e-books to inspire your wholehearted beginning.


The tools that we learned in your class were SO HELPFUL. My labour lasted 12 hours and throughout the entire time we were practicing breathing together which helped me remain calm and confident. We both really appreciated everything that you taught us and all of the insight that you gave us to prepare us for that very special day. My birth plan was to labour at home as much as possible before heading to the birth centre and to have my labour medication free and I am so happy to tell you that it all went even better than we could have hoped! Thank you again, you helped us so much more than you know!!!

                                                                                               — Simone, Toronto, Canada

Mala Meditation Guide


We love keeping you posted on our goings on, and sharing tips and tricks to nourish you whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant, preparing for labour or postnatal. Come on and join us! And if you see anything you think we would like, tag us @wholebirthapproach!